Dunn Grant Fund for Small Churches

Written by Rev. Andrew Payne on .


1.   The purpose of the South District of the Texas Annual Conference Dunn Grant Fund for Small Churches is to provide financial assistance to small Churches within the bounds of the district.  It is not intended to be used to pay operating expenses of the congregation.

2.   The Fund belongs to the South District, and thus the District Conference and any succeeding entity.  It is administered through a Trustees Committee composed for the District Lay Leader, the Chair of the District Finance Committee, the Chair of the District Trustees, the Chair of the Council on Ministries, the Chair of the Missions Committee and the District Superintendent.  These officers represent a cross-section of the District’s leadership and are elected by the District Conference.  The Trustees will meet at least twice annually to review requests and make grants toward the needs of small churches.  Called meetings may take place for emergency purposes.  A quorum will be four Trustees being present and an agreement of 4.  A Trustee cannot vote on a request from their home Church.

3.   The South District of the Texas Annual Conference Dunn Grant Fund will be invested under the direction of the Trustees.  The Trustees will report to the District Conference annually as to the status of the Fund and the distribution of monies.

4.   At no time will any portion of the principal amount of the endowment, adjusted or inflation, be distributed.  We believe the corpus of the Fund should be kept at $400,000. The Trustees of the Fund will distribute only such portion of earnings from interest, dividends, or realized growth in any given year so as not to deplete or invade the corpus of the endowment. 

5.   Monies will be used to help with programs, capital improvements, and continuing education for small churches in the South District.  A small church is defined as one whose membership is 300 or less or whose average attendance is less than 50.

6.   Grants may only be received by any one congregation once in any two-year period. The waiting period may be waived at the discretion of the Dunn Committee.

7.   Grant requests must be sent to the District Superintendent’s Office.

8.   Grant selections will take place twice annually, mid-September and mid-March.  Applications are due in February and August.  

9.   Grant application forms are acquired through the District Office or click here DunnGrantApplication.doc (The form must be signed by the Pastor, the Church Lay Leader, and the Chair of the Finance Committee.) Also print out the check list and include with your application Dunn Grant Check List.doc

10.  A follow-up report showing the use of all funds and how the grant effected ministry will be sent to the District Office within six months from the date of grant funding.  Funds not expended for the purpose granted within a period of one year from the date of the initial grant funding shall be returned to the Fund, unless this time period is enlarged by the Trustees.

It is with grateful appreciation to Jesse and Alicia Dunn for their generosity and vision in making the Dunn Fund available for the work of God's Kingdom.